Monday, May 25, 2009

Guilt By [American Quarter Horse] Association?

You know, it’s hard enough to think about horses getting slaughtered to make room for more, more, more (as in the AQHA making more money via more registration fees and more membership fees by getting rid of what's already here), much less realize an association as massive and well known as the AQHA—one who actually took steps to amend some of their rules to the benefit of horses... or was that only to quell public outcry?—have so little regard for their breed and all the regard for the almighty dollar that they advocate it. That begs the question: When they (the AQHA leadership) shot themselves in the foot because of it, did they also paint targets on their members, too?

Let’s think about this. In the court of public opinion, owners of Quarter Horses/members of AQHA, and the association itself, are one and the same. So, guilt by association. An example might be the anti-fur movement, where folks didn’t just target furriers but the individuals wearing it, to the point were people who owned it (even the homeless!) wouldn’t be caught dead in it. Now, instead of fur, it’s horse slaughter advocated by the Quarter Horse Association—the very association that’s suppose to tout and protect the breed, not push for the slaughter of it. What will the public think of its members now? They’ll never know who agreed or disagreed with it, and they won’t stop to ask, either. One and the same, remember? Members are AQHA. Members did this. Members are the heartless bastards who will ride it AND eat it, baby. Hi ho Silver... and don’t forget the ketchup.

Let’s take a moment to let this sink in.

Can you say “manipulated” (as in even the pro-slaughter members were manipulated into thinking this was a good thing when all the while it was a money making venture from the beginning, something where everyone (including the cattle ranchers who are all set up and eager to turn into horse meat ranchers) wins EXCEPT the horse), folks? I know you can.

I hate being manipulated. I hate being told one thing and find out it’s a whole other ballgame (or is that ‘market‘?). I hate being guilty by association, and I particularly hate that the Quarter Horse association painted its own members as targets.

By the way, how much do you think the AQHA cares about their breed when they’re advocating slaughtering them? Just curious.

Oh. And while we‘re here, let this sink in too.

And so it begins (note the blog’s name... and good on the blog owner for coming up with it and speaking out!). But that’s not what I’m talking about here. What I am, is pointing out that a really bad situation CAN get far worse. Yep, seems everyone’s jumping on the band wagon, including cattlemen who are being encouraged to see horse slaughter as yet another opportunity (others before being buffalo and elk, though with horses it’s a different ballgame, horses being an already established market—if they can’t sell it here, they’ll just ship it to Europe) to make a buck.

So what's the alternative to slaughter? Stop backyard indiscriminate breeding. Stop thinking of horses as disposable. You bought it so you look after it for life. If you can't, then sell it to someone reputable who can. And, God forbid, if something happens to the horse to necessitate its death, be strong enough to euthanize it instead of shipping it. At least that's my opinion.


Important Note regarding the following:
Well, I was going to do a post about “emotional women” (("The AQHA leadership has always been pro-slaughter, and when their own polls revealed their membership wasn't, their own president blamed the results on ‘emotional women.’”)

I read it, quoted it, was sure I'd cited the right link to it... but it seems I was mistaken. (Hmm.) Therefore, I cannot in all good conscience leave it up. To those who have quoted it and to those it might have hurt: My sincere apologies. If I do happen to find the link again (and if it's out there, I will), rest assured I will repost it.


margaret said...

Thank you for giving me fodder for my blog today.


margaret said...

I meant to put my blog here, lol.

Hawke said...

Hey Margaret,

Thank you so much for the link. :)

By the way, you're horses are lovely! Kudos to you for all you do, my dear.


coeurdefer said...

And the unusable manure will commence from the protrolls. But I gotta tell ya'...great observations and appreciate the blog. Oh, and ain't it the truth!?!?

Hawke said...

Thank you so much, coeurdefer.

I’m thinking the protrolls might have to stop their internet campaign soon to focus on the backlash that could come down the pike. The poll revealed that the membership weren’t pro-slaughter. Why, then, is AQHA leadership pushing for slaughter? Heck, why poll at all if they were only going to ignore it? Don’t they care what their own membership says?

Obviously not. But John Q Public probably will, and it’ll be the members who will have to face them.

Immortalmortal said...

his group seems as bad as PETA and the AKC. They are all about the almighty dollar and attention, which gets them even more money. Sad but all too true.

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