Friday, May 22, 2009

For the love of old horses

We love and enjoy our old friends. They’ve seen us at our worst (sans makeup, our hair a mess, in our pajamas or bundled in so many layers we barely resemble a human being—those times when we wouldn’t allow people to see us) and best, and greet us with the same enthusiastic welcome, no matter which. They aren’t the fashion police. They don’t care what we look like or how much money we make (unless it effects their feed/care). They just want us, for us. Too bad people weren’t like that.

Like I said in yesterday's post, I have two older horses, both happily retired and neither EVER having to worry about seeing the inside of an auction or slaughterhouse. They are family. Happy to see me no matter what I look like or what I might offhandedly say. And like I also said yesterday, they are not disposable, nor will they be “removed” to make room for new and brighter and better. Only when there is room (God, I am so NOT looking forward to that day) will I consider getting another. Meantime, they’ll get the best care available and all the love and cookies I can give. Goodness knows they deserve it. After all, they’ve put up with me for... how long?

So that brings me to this question: Does anyone have a horse older than Bear, my thirty-two year old Quarter Horse mare?

Just curious.


Anonymous said...

Hi there and actually I have a 35 year old arab cross, Grey Stokes. Retirement is forced due to him being older than he is!!! NOWAY will he ever leave me until the hand of God with a leadrope comes for him! Then, he can go! Until that unaviodable and not-looked-forward to day, he will be where he is now, enjoying the retirement a lifetime of friendship, trust and sacrifice had earnt him!

Hawke said...

Aww, that’s wonderful! My sentiments exactly.

Kudos to you and Grey Stokes both. You two are very lucky to have each other.

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