Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Part Two of "People Doing Terrible Things"

Todd Shevan Williams—Animal Cruelty and Bastard Deluxe

I read Fugly Horse of the Day yesterday, a blog new to me (Where have I been?) and likely well known to everyone else. The post there broke my heart and made me see red at the same time. It was about horrific animal cruelty at the hands of an evil bastard named Todd Shevan Williams.

Fugly asked folks to send a carefully worded e-mail to the prosecutor and listed the address. It also gave a link to the ongoing story about the poor horses this arse cheek starved nearly (and in two cases, did) to death, and to the wonderful folks at Beauty’s Haven Equine Rescue who are trying to save them. To read the whole story, follow the link, start at the bottom and work your way up. Warning: Kleenex is definitely required.

Tell me, Mr. Todd Shevan Williams, what planet are you from when you think tree bark is in any way a replacement for hay or even grass? I mean—come on!—I know some horses seem to live on air, but... really? Hello? Or maybe you just didn’t know. So I’m wondering which is it—are you a brainless bastard or an evil bastard? Guess the jury’s still out on that one... though not for much longer, if you get my drift. Of course, if they only let you eat your prison cot mattress, maybe you’ll clue in on what you did to those poor horses.

As for me, I’m always happy to spread the word. Especially if it helps put a sumbitch like Tom Shevan Williams behind bars where he belongs.

Blessings to Beauty’s Haven Equine Rescue . If you, Dear Readers, can help these fine people to help these fine horses by... say... giving them an amount equal to a week of your morning Starbucks coffee or your dinner out/takeout, or by selling something you no longer want (NOT YOUR HORSE!) and donating the sale to them, or even by putting in for one of their many raffles, then please do. Doing good will do you good, and these angel-folks most certainly deserve it.
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