Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm also desperately seeking info about Faleh (Falah)

Okay, I’m going to spell this wrong so please don’t go by what you read. I’m looking for information about Shanayn’s (sp? Pronounced: Shaw-nayns) Faleh, a registered ¾ Arabian gelding purchased from me by a young woman named Nancy who lived in Manitoba, Canada. (I’d name the town, but as you can tell by the lack of Nancy’s last name, I can’t remember it). Faleh is (or was?) a flashy chestnut with a white blaze and socks. Nancy’s sister also bought a grey around the same time. Nancy sent me a winter picture of her and Faleh shortly after purchase, and I visited him once.

Nancy, if you’re reading this, or if anyone has any information about Nancy and Faleh, I’d dearly love to hear it. You can use the “Contact Me” link in the sidebar on the left, or email me directly at hawkewriter@hotmail.com

Thank you so much.

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