Wednesday, May 27, 2009

An AQHA Oxymoron = Humane Slaughter

Okay, here’s something for you.
Please pay particular attention to the following (my comments will be in brackets):

“The end for horses sent to one of the U.S. slaughter plants was anything but humane, according to the HSUS. The regulations meant to protect them were inadequate as the horses suffered from a lack of food and water on crowded trailers, and the euthanasia was often mishandled (Mishandled? You mean they often... missed? Ugh! But what better way to show old Blue—who trusted you with his life and had given you everything he could and then some—that you love and respect all he’s done for you than to fill his last moments (or hours?) with terror and screaming agony? How lovely.), the organization claims. Rather than being slaughtered, HSUS says, unwanted horses can be placed with a rescue (As long as they check out and are credible/responsible) or retirement facility (Again, check them out first) or, when no other options are available, humanely euthanized.” (Absolutely! That’s what I’ve been saying for ages, isn't it?)

Oh yes. And here's a little something else to chew on.

Gee, I use Invermectin, too. *tisk* Thank goodness!

I hope they make about as much profit as the Saskatchewan plant, I really do.

Yah gotta love it.

**Warning: Sensitive folks like me will want to skip this.**

(Thank you to coeurdefer for pointed out the following.)

To folks who still believe horse slaughter is “humane," might I direct you to this.

Now before you get your lead line in a twist, go to comments and scroll down to the three-in-a-row posts by Lin - March 30, 2009, 10:54am, “statement from a horse slaughter worker...Who's tne nut around here?” (Hope Lin doesn’t mind me using this).

This post makes my point about horse slaughter, public outcry, and members being guilty by association in the court of public opinion (when the public reads it... and they should). It also made me sick to my stomach.

Do you think this kind of thing won’t happen in new slaughterhouses? Think again. Inspectors and ASPCA won’t be standing there all day and don’t try to tell me they will. Criminal acts? Absolutely. An isolated incident? No way. Watch a video on horse slaughter. Or better yet, go to a horse slaughterhouse and watch what happens. See the way the animals react to the sounds and smells, and in what shape and in what way they meet their so-called “humane” demise. And while you’re there, remember that John Q Public’s perception of slaughterhouses is what’s going to matter—a perception that will forever be linked to the AQHA (the association that’s publicly pushing for it and its members).

Yep, slaughterhouses are a fine way to promote the breed, innit?

Still determined to get rid of your arthritic, unusable thirty-something horse, are you? Here’s an idea. Have him humanely euthanized and THEN call the truck.

And while we‘re on the subject...

Horse Slaughter Plants in Canada

Head Office
#312 222-58th Avenue S.W.
Calgary, Alberta Canada T2H 2S3
403-259-3568 (fax)

Owner: Claude Bouvry
Two Locations: Alberta and Quebec
Maintains feedlots in Shelby, MT and
Fort Macleod, Alberta, Canada

Richelieu Meat, Inc.
595, rue Royale C.P. 101
Massueville, Québec Canada JOG 1KO
450-788-2622 (fax)

Shame on you, Canada. You can set an example and send a message to the world at the same time. Go for it. Stop horse slaughter. Make us proud.

Petition - End Horse Slaughter in Canada Now

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