Sunday, January 06, 2008 (Writing Forums)

Since Writing Forums dot com ( is down again, and since there are thousands of us displaced WFers looking for a place to hang out, get information, set up a second (third, forth, twelfth) home...

Now you know I don’t usually recommend writing forums on The View (I‘ve only ever recommended one thus far), but the potential of this months-old forum makes it another exception and definitely one worth checking out. Introducing:

Writing Discussions: Forums for Writers is a friendly and new kind of writing forum made by writers, for writers. Just a few of its super features include:

* An excellent, experienced and very approachable staff.

* Talented members from beginners to the published.

* Enough forums for writers of all walks, tastes and genres, including five viewable by members only Writing Workshops in the categories of Fiction, Poetry, Non-Fiction, Scripts, Other Writing (meaning first rights are protected in all five Workshop forums).

* The Hothouse—another first rights protected forum, The Hothouse is a new concept in writers' forums. It's a private, invitation only and first rights protected area devoted solely to the 'hothousing' of writers and their work in preparation for publication.

* Writing Exercises and Challenges forum—a place to flex your writing muscles. Join a challenge or create your own and challenge your friends.

* NaShoStoMo Forums. Think you’ve got what it takes?

* Member Blogs. Yes, you heard that right. As a member, you can create your own member Blog. They come complete with a Calendar, Archives, Categories and all the extras.

And if that’s not enough, then hang on to your goodies, folks, because they aren’t done adding yet. Have a suggestion or a feature you'd like to see? Let them know and they'll see what they can do. (Yes, there’s even a forum for that.) This place aims to please.

So if you write or are an avid reader and haven’t yet checked out Writing Discussions: Forums for Writers, I urge you to do so. And tell ‘em Hawke sent you.
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