Sunday, April 24, 2011

Treasure Found in the Blog "Near Miscellany - a daily adventure"

Are you searching endlessly for a well written blog that takes a lighthearted look at a little of everything from DIY, to planting, to recipes, to life with kids and everything in between? You are? Well bless your old cotton socks because so was I... until I ran across this treasure.

It's called Near Miscellany - a daily adventure. (For the link, see My Must Reads.)

The About page reads:

Despite our differences Near Miscellany is written by two similarly cracked nuts. Glitch is a Canadian who can crunch numbers with machine-like abandon and Glyph is an American who breaks out in hives if more than adding is required. We share an inquisitive view of the world that covers music, computers, art, cooking, astrophysics and anything else that grabs our attention. A side effect of this is that we are learning stuff that we think other people might like to know so we’ll serve that up here.

Glitch writes from his igloo in the frozen north, bringing peace to all the distressed computer-using masses. He’s heard the great cry that has gone up to ‘free us from Windows Vista’ and will likewise find other ways to keep the general public from yanking their computer cables out and tossing the machine from a speeding vehicle.

Despite Glyph’s arithmaphobia, she has a long list of magic tricks up her sleeve. She handily takes care of three kids, and hosts an arcane knowledge of cooking that shall enchant even the pickiest. She’s the mistress of practicality, always ready with a Better Way to accomplish something around the house. But best of all, she’s fun, exciting, and full of imagination.

Near Miscellany is mostly no-nonsense (well, maybe a little nonsense!) friendly instruction on everything from home canning, cooking from scratch, making do with little, making your computer run well, and surviving a recession with entrepreneurship and maybe even with panache. There may be a little ranting occasionally but we promise to keep it straightforward and hopefully still useful even if it’s a cautionary tale.

Adorable, yes? You betcha. So why are you still reading this? Get over to Near Miscellany and check it out. Oh, and tell 'em Hawke sent you. :)
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